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Where did the Kaufmann font go?

The Kaufmann font used to come with MS Word. It seems like XP has dropped it. My search for the font in the Windows/Fonts folder did not find the font on Windows 98 OS PC. Do you know how to find it or where I may download fonts from without paying a $22 fee? Thank you.
The Kaufmann font can be found in a number of places for free; here's one.

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Fonts have licenses associated with them, and it may be that the rights holders of this font changed their agreement with Microsoft not offering it free of charged to Word users.  There is a link in the article for a free source of the font, but be cautious downloading this.  If the font is available for pay on legitimate sites, sources offering it for free may be doing so in violation of the end user license agreement. Of course there is not a font police cracking down on such things, but using the font in a commercial setting is still putting your business at risk and, you know, not a nice thing to do.
Kaufman is definitely a copyrighted font, though that's done little to stop the free downloads. Windows, I imagine, was no longer willing to pay the royalty or Kaufman was hoping to renegotiate the deal. Either way, it's now a pay-to-play download.

http://www.fonts.com/font/linotype/kaufmann/regular - $35
http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/adobe/kaufmann/ (regular & bost) - $66.50
http://fontzone.net/font-details/Kaufmann-Bold/ (bold) - FREE
With so many free fonts available, I wonder how much money is made by those who license/copyright their font? If it is that important to have a font outside of the normal Microsoft provided ones, why not create your own custom font ?