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Where do I find the message transit agent settings in Exchange?

In one of your responses to a question regarding Microsoft Exchange, you made the remark, "Ensure that your message transit agents (MTAs) are sufficiently configured to NOT allow spam or mail-relaying." I would like to configure this, but when I went into the configuration in Exchange Administrator, I could not find MTA. Could you please tell me where it is located and how to do this configuration? We have Exchange 5.5.

  1. In the Exchange 5.5 Administrator, go to Configuration/Connections/Internet Mail Service.
  2. On the Routing tab, click on "Routing Restrictions."
  3. Under "Specify the hosts and clients that can route mail when the following conditions are met," place a check-mark next to "Hosts that successfully authenticate."

This will preclude a third party using your mail server for indiscriminate mail and spam relaying.

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