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Where or how can I change the incorrect IRQ settings that are creating modem lockup?

I need some advice on a modem that I have in one of my computers. I use dial up on it and recently it has been locking up. When I check the IRQ settings on it, I see it is using IRQ(11), which is not consistent with the COM(3) port that it's on [it should be IRQ(4)].

Problem identified, but when I try to change it by removing the checkbox on the resource tab that says "allow automatic setting," and click the button that says "Change Settings," a message pops up that says "unable to configure this device." Where or how can I change the incorrect IRQ settings? I tried to reload over the modem drivers. I tried reloading the OS (Windows 98). Nothing works!

Windows 98 is very persnickety about letting you change COM port IRQs. I'm betting you have another peripheral in the machine using IRQ4 and the IRQ steering chip in the machine is reassigning the COM port IRQ. Try removing all peripherals except for the on-board COM ports and trying a modem connection.

You can play games with the IRQ steering settings if you think this will solve the problem. Look for a tab in the properties of the PCI bus in Device Manager. And good luck, because sometimes this can cause the machine to be unstable.

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