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Which MCSA track should I take -- Win2k, .NET, or XP? And what's the difference?

I am going to begin the MCSA track for Windows 2000. But I read something about Windows 2002 Server that made me wonder?what is the difference? And should I wait to take a track for 2002? Is Windows 2002 Server the same as .NET server? Or should I take the XP track? Any advice or help you could provide to clear this up would be great.
For information about the tracks, the MCSE FAQ is probably your best source of information. Look it over and you'll find your questions all answered there. The short replies are as follows:

    (a) What is the difference?
    Exams on Windows 2000 in the Win2k track, on XP and .NET Server in the other track. MS allows exams across both tracks to be mixed and matched, so you can start on Win2k and shift over to XP/.NET Server later if you like -- but I think it's going to be two years before most companies get serious about Windows .NET Server (as was the case with Win2k).

  • (b) Should I wait to take a track for 2002?
    Not unless that's the ONLY OS your employer (or prospective employer) plans to use.

  • (c) Is Windows 2002 Server the same as .NET Server?
    AFAIK, it is indeed the same.

  • (d) Should I take the XP track?
    There is only a single exam on XP Pro (70-270), and it's part of the XP/.NET Server track.

Hopefully, my replies have provided the advice you seek. If not, please post another query. HTH.


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