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Which books are best when preparing for MCAD qualification?

Expert Ed Tittel talks about the best reading material for studying for the 70-316 and 70-315 Microsoft qualifictions.

I am just starting to prepare for the MCAD qualification. What books would you recommend for the 70-316 and 70-315 qualifications?

The 70-315 and 70-316 books are reasonably well covered by a number of publishers. But having worked with Amit Kalani since 2001, I've come to know and greatly respect his deep knowledge of Microsoft development environments and languages. That's why even though I series-edited his books for Que on these subjects, including Exam Crams and Training Guides, I still think they're the best titles around. If you buy them and don't like them, I can arrange to get you a refund for your outlay, so consider this a no-risk recommendation.

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