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Which certs will help me most in the networking field?

Expert Ed Tittel guides a reader toward the correct certifications that will lead him to success in the firld of networking.

I want to become a carrier in the field of networking, and I am planning to get some certifications. I am currently preparing for CCNA, but I would also like to get another Microsoft certification. Could you please help me choose another certification from Microsoft that would be most beneficial for the networking field (and maximize my chances for getting a good job)?

You'll probably find the MCSA/MCSE for Windows 2003 to be best in the short run, and the MCTS and MCITP on Windows infrastructure topics to be best in the longer run (these latter certs won't even be available until 2007 in all likelihood, so you can certainly concentrate on MCSA/MCSE in the interim).

Earning certifications is no longer the key to maximizing job opportunities; rather, learning how to talk intelligently and convincingly about what you've DONE, what you KNOW, and what PROBLEMS you can SOLVE are the keys to making the most of certification in your job and career development efforts.

Thanks for posting, best of luck in your certification and career planning.

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