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Why Exchange Server 2003 and a BES shouldn't share a domain controller

Find out the steps to take when attempting to remove a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and Exchange Server from the domain controller.

A client of mine has Exchange Server 2003 and BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) working on the same domain controller. While I am currently spreading this load out over several servers, the BES remains on the domain controller, while the Exchange server is located on a new machine. I want to stop all of the old Exchange services on the domain controller, but when I do, it says that the BES must be stopped as well.

We have tried shutting down the BES and then the Exchange server, but when the BES starts back up, it starts the Exchange information store again. The BES MAPI profile, however, is pointing to the new Exchange server. Do you know why the BES insists on using this old Exchange information store?

You should never have other applications or roles running on your domain controllers; so you should get your BES on its own server, as soon as possible.

It would also be best to build a completely new domain controller, transfer all operations master roles to it and then demote the old domain controller. When doing so, make sure that you've followed the instructions to uninstall Exchange Server 2003 from the existing server. Since you shouldn't have installed your BES on the same server as Exchange, you may find yourself needing to call into BlackBerry technical support for troubleshooting help.

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