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Why am I getting ASP error messages after enabling Internet printing via a Web browser?

I had Windows 2000 Server software already installed when I added IIS to the configuration. I did this so I could enable Internet printing via a Web browser.

Now the default start page does not work, nor does the rest of the site content that gets loaded when you install IIS. Basically, every ASP page comes up with PAGE CANNOT BE DISPLAYED & "HTTP 500 - Internal server error." I checked the permissions, as well as the level of access, which is set to scripts only. NTFS permissions are fine also (read & execute). Static pages work fine.

What should I do?
My suggestion is to check the application mappings for your default Web site. Open the Properties dialog for your Web site, and select the Home Directory tab. Verify that the Execute Permissions drop-list reads 'Scripts Only' or 'Scripts and Executables' (you said you did this already, but it doesn't hurt to double-check). Click the Configuration button. There should be a script mapping for the extension '.asp' to the executable 'C:winntsystem32inetsrvasp.dll' with the verbs 'GET, HEAD, POST, TRACE'. If this script mapping is missing, IIS won't know what to do with ASP files.

If this is present, and the asp.dll file really is at the correct location, then I recommend re-installing SP2. It's not an elegant solution, but if a file or configuration setting is corrupted, it will probably fix it. Good luck.

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