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Why am I having difficulty getting my USB printer to print data while in session?

Expert Christa Anderson explains to a reader why he is having difficulty printing with a USB printer.

I am setting up three remote offices, all using Windows XP Pro and HP1320 printers. I am connecting with Terminal Services to Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition. The three remote clients log on to the server and I can access all programs. I am having difficulty getting HP1320 to print data from the server while in session. One of the remotes has HP5 printer and it works great. Do you have any suggestions?

I don't have a 1320 myself, but I reviewed the specs and it's a USB 2.0 printer. USB printers connected to the local computer don't map -- TS only supports LPT and COM port mapping, unfortunately. You'll need to either share those printers with the network -- so you can connect to them as network printers -- or get third-party print management software that supports USB redirection.

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