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Why are my Windows NT 4.0 clients failing to connect to the Windows 2000 domain?

Exepert Laura E. Hunter helps a reader connect NT4 clients in native mode join connect to a Windows 2000 domain.

Recently after our power shutdowns, all our Windows NT 4.0 clients started to have problems. Our NT4 clients, in our native mode Windows 2000 domain, started to fail to connect to the domain. We rejoined and it showed that everything was successfully joined, but when we rebooted and tried to log in to the domain, it failed. We also noticed the domain accounts all became 'domainunknown' accounts. We have tried to join and rejoin many times. Any idea what is causing this?

Since Windows NT 4.0 relies on NetBIOS for name resolution, verify that your WINS server (you do have a WINS server running, yes?) contains the records that you expect for the 2000 domain controller, and that your clients have the correct address configured for the WINS server.

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