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Why are users being automatically logged off?

Expert Christa Anderson suggests why users in a network are being logged out and how to solve the problem with Windows 2003 Terminal Services.

We are using Windows 2003 TS on thin clients. We keep on having users being randomly logged off. Having looked at the event logs, I see that some of our users are being logged on and logged off at the same time. The system seems to log them off as soon as they log on, yet lets them open a session for a while. Any idea what is going on?

What's going on depends on how long the session lasts. If they're immediately logged out, then it may be that there...

are no permanent licenses available to them, and their temporary licenses have expired. If they're allowed to log in and work for a little while, then logged out, check the session settings to see if there are any timeouts limiting the session length for those users.

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