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Why can't I access the Internet until disconnected from RRAS?

I have a customer who accesses the main office through the Internet using Remote Access Service (RRAS). When we make the connection using RRAS, we can no longer access the Internet until disconnecting from RRAS. I have narrowed the problem down to the default gateway IP address. When I do a route print, it is correct until it connects through RRAS. At that point, it becomes an address from the remote server. Is there a way to keep this from happening?
Yes, that's definitely a routing problem. The unfortunate customer who is dialing in is probably receiving all Internet-bound traffic from your network. I think your customer is using a Virtual Private Network (VPN), correct? If so, the following fix may help (for both Windows 2000 and 2003):

Open the Routing and Remote Access console. Expand your computer node. Right-click Ports and click Properties. Select the type of VPN connection, and click Configure. Deselect Demand-dial Routing Connections. Click OK until you return to the Routing and Remote Access console.

Right-click on your server node and select Properties. If Router is selected, deselect it, if possible. If you are using the server as a router, select LAN Routing Only instead of LAN and Demand-Dial Routing.

I Hope that helps!

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