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Why can't I browse my network using Network Neighborhood, but can using IP addresses?

I am running a Windows 2000 server in a mixed mode environment. I have another domain controller in this environment, also running Windows 2000 server. I am constantly logging the error 8032 in my Event Viewer in the second domain controller.

At times, I am unable to browse my network using Network Neighborhood, but I can browse using IP addresses. I can ping other machines in the network. However, when I try to browse the PDC (primary domain controller) from within the Network Neighborhood console, I am getting the error "Logon failure: The target name is no longer available." I have stopped the browser and Netlogon services, but the problem still persists. There is only one network card in the PDC and one in the second domain controller. There are no conflicts on the network. The registry key RESTRICTANONYMOUS is set to 0.

Is the event logged in the Event Viewer related to my inability to browse the PDC from the second domain controller? Any ideas in regards to this issue would be greatly appreciated.

The 8032 error is related to Master Browsing and acquiring the lists of master browsers. The PDC system is typically the master browser for the domain. Keep in mind that Master and Backup browsers are created per subnet. If the PDC and the other DC are on two different subnets, there could be two different browser systems that are collecting and reporting the information. There are some resource kit tools that will help you diagnose the problem -- BROWMON.EXE and BROWSTAT.EXE. Run these on each of the DCs to see which one each DC thinks the master browser is. If they are on different subnets, they will definitely show different names. Sometimes workstations or non-stable servers (like test lab systems) can become the master browser. When someone shuts down or powers off the system it can cause problems for the browsing.

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