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Why can't I find IRQs 2, 5 and 7 in Win2k?

Why can't I find IRQs 2, 5 and 7? I use Windows 2000. When I attempt to install a network card, it is assigned IRQ 11, which is also used for video, sound, etc. My PC freezes every two minutes unless I uninstall the network card.
You'll need to do a bit of IRQ juggling to get this resolved. First, find out the manufacture, make and model of all of your expansion cards (video, sound, NIC, etc). If you don't already have the documentation and software for each, visit the respective vendor Web sites to download it. You should look for information on what IRQs are supported by each and the means by which you can alter their IRQ setting. Windows 2000 is a Plug and Play OS, so it automatically assigns IRQs when it boots. You can use this to your advantage by rearranging the order in which the cards are installed on your motherboard. Check the documentation for your motherboard, but usually the slots closest to the CPU or the AGP slot are assigned an IRQ first.

If that fails, then you'll need to set each card's IRQ manually. This can be done either through the device manager in Windows 2000 or through a vendor supplied configuration utility (very common for NICs).

You can discover what IRQs are currently being used through the device manager. Just change the view to resource by type or resources by connection.

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