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Why can't I join this server to this domain?

I have a Windows 2000 AD domain established and functioning properly. The Win2K DCs in this domain provide DNS and WINS services throughout this domain, and I have about 50 member servers in this domain, and in the same subnet, that are functioning properly.

Now, I'm trying to add another member server to this domain, but this particular server is located in another IP subnet. I'm receiving an error message when trying to join the domain that says, "There are no more endpoints available from the endpoint mapper." My research indicates that this is typically due to a problem communicating with the RPC server.

There is a firewall in between the new server and the DCs for the W2k domain, however, I have had all kerberos, DNS, WINS, Netbios, RPC, SMB, and LDAP ports opened in the firewall. I have verified that these ports are indeed opened in the firewall by opening a socket connection (telnetting) from the new server to the DCs across each of these ports.

I've also gone into DNS and added a reverse lookup zone that corresponds with the subnet that the new server is on. I'm at a loss as to why I can't join this server to this domain. Does anyone have any ideas?
This problem may occur because DNS is trying to automatically create a new zone to include the new server because it is in a different subnet. My research did not reveal an easy solution. You may have better luck knowing your network and system directly by searching on the error phrase at Microsoft.com/technet.

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