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Why can't I map a drive from my Windows 98 box to my XP box?

I have set up a three computer network with two of them running Windows 98 and the third one running Windows XP Pro. The two 98 boxes are set up the same, and I used XP's network wizard to set it up. My problem is that even though all drives on all computers are shared, I cannot map a drive from one of the 98 boxes to the XP box. I keep getting a permissions error message. I was able to map the drive of the other 98 box to the XP but not both.

I have gone over the configuration of both 98 boxes and can find no differences. From the 98 boxes, I was able to map the XP drive without any problems. I have searched everywhere I could think of and have not been able to find any answers. Can you give me any ideas of what is happening or where to find some answers?

In a circumstance like this, you need to check and see if the Win98 box has a user account set up on it. One of the quirks of networking a Win98 machine is that if there is no user account set up -- that is, if you just log in without being asked to type a username and password -- it will not be able to authenticate correctly across the network.

To add a user account in Win98, go into the Control Panel and click on Users. It should have the same username and password that you use on the XP box.

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