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Why can't I see my network server on the network?

I'm trying to reach a network server but am having trouble seeing it on the network. What should I do to locate problem? What SW tools can I use in Windows 2000 Advanced Server?
This question is too vague to give a direct answer, but I'll try my best. Start with PING to make sure the server is reachable. Then research to discover what systems are being listed in the network browse list and which are not. Is a specific subnet or segment excluded? Are there firewalls or routers in-between? Is it possible to access the remote system with an IP address or domain name using the Run command "\"? The problem could be that the resource list is not updated yet - you may need to wait up to 30 minutes for a new resource to appear throughout a large network. The problem could be the blocking or interruption of NetBIOS or AD traffic.

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