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Why can't I see my printer from our Win98 client?

I have a LAN with a Win2K Server, several Win98 clients and five Win2K Pro workstations. One of the Win2K Pro workstations has an HP LaserJet 5 attached to its LPT1. I have shared this printer with print permissions to "everyone." I can add and print from the other Win2K Pro workstations, but I cannot see the printer from a Win98 client. I have tried adding and then sharing the printer from the server, but that was to no avail. Do I need to add the AD extension for Win98 to my Win98 clients for this to work? What am I missing? Thank you very much for your time and response.
The fact that you can't even see the workstation from your W98 machine makes me think you don't have the workgroup affiliation set the same as the W2K machines. Are they members of a domain? Is the W98 machine a member of the same domain? In the network properties on the W98 machine, select the Identification tab and check the workgroup name. Set it to match the other machines and restart.

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