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Why can't I see my server using NetBIOS utilities?

I have a Windows 2000 server running ISA and DHCP. There are three workstations running Windows 2000 connected to it throught a switch. From the workstations I can ping the server, receive an IP address from the DHCP, resolve the servers IP, use ISA to do FTP, Internet etc. -- But I cannot see the server in network neighborhood, cannot map a share using the Net use command or connect to the server through any other means.

On the server side I can see all the workstations and connect to all the shares. Why?

Not being able to see a firewall/proxy server using NetBIOS utilities like a browser is a good thing, not a bad thing. I'm sure you have a configuration setting on the ISA server that has blocked Server Message Block (SMB) connections. You should be able to configure the trusted interface in ISA to accept SMB.

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