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Why can't Network Neighborhood see everyone on the network?

We currently have two domains running. One is an NT domain and the other is a Win2k domain. We are not using Active Directory. We are having problems with the NT domain. We can't see all the computers in Network Neighborhood. This is stopping us mapping drives between domains on some machines. We have removed WINS and rely entirely on DNS. I have checked the LMhosts on our servers so they know where the PDC's are, but still we are having problems with this. Any suggestions would be more than welcome.
I'm wondering why you disabled WINS, because your problem is certainly caused by not being able to resolve flat names. The Network Neighborhood tool relies on finding subnet master browsers and the PDC (domain master browser) for both domains. Because you have two domains, you need a central repository for flat name registration.

Try setting up a WINS server and pointing all your machines at it and about an hour later, I'd bet the problem goes away. And don't forget to delete the LMHosts files everywhere. They will override WINS and confuse the heck out of everybody.

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