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Why can't PCs surf the Web until I disable TCP/IP on NT4 NIC?

I have two 100 MB network interface cards (NIC) in a WinXP PC, one connecting to an NT4 server via TCP/IP (not DHCP). The other connects to a NetWare 3.12 server via NWLINK. TCP/IP is enabled on both NICs. Internet connectivity is via satellite on the NetWare side. The problem is, after booting up first thing in the morning with TCP/IP enabled on both NICs, the PC can't see the Internet. If I disable TCP/IP on the NT4 NIC, it does see the Internet. It will also see the Internet if I immediately enable TCP/IP on the NT4 NIC after disabling it. Any thoughts? Sounds like a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) exam question, doesn't it? Thanks in advance.
It's definitely a routing issue. Make sure the NIC connected to the NT4 system does not have a default gateway configured and that the IP address and subnet mask are correct.

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