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Why can't my defrag process reach completion?

When I try to defrag my computer, it will not go past 2%. I have left it running for 14 hours and it will not complete the routine. Why can't the defrag process reach completion?
It is hard to guess the specific issue you have with the defragger. I have answered versions of this question several times, but I will go over the key factors once again:

  • Do you have enough free space left? Specifically, do you have enough continous free space? See the cluster view for details. Are the blocks scattered around (low continous free space,) or neatly arranged (good free space conditions)?

  • Are applications running while you defrag? They may be locking files that the defragger needs to access.

  • Run scandisk to check your file system integrity. This should be okay, but it never hurts to check it anyway.
For further help in this matter, I will need a more specific description of your system, applications etc. I hope this has been of some help and good luck to you.

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