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Why can't my remote clients log onto the DC?

I'm running a W2K domain server with win 9X clients. The DC has DNS, RAS, and DHCP installed. The network uses TCP/IP. I have a remote office which connects via 2 routers and a dedicated 64K line. The clients at the remote office, using the IP address, are able to ping the server and other clients on both subnets (remote 255....252 local 255....0). Name resolution is not happening on the remote clients. It is, however, happening on the local client. The remote clients can map a shared drive (using the IP address) on the DC, but they are unable to log onto the DC. I need them to log on in order to get my policies implemented.
You didn't mention WINS. You'll need a WINS server for the W9X clients. Your symptom indicates a WINS problem of some sort. Do you have more than one WINS server?

Make sure the clients in the remote office are configured to point at the DC for DNS and WINS. Check the WINS database to make sure the clients are registering.

If you ping the fully qualified DNS name of the DC, does that succeed? If so, you know you have a WINS issue and not a DNS issue. You can add a Domain name to the DNS Configuration of the TCP/IP stack and that might resolve your problem, as well. But you'll still need WINS for NetBIOS name resolution.

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