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Why did NT freeze when I copied files?

I have a NT4 machine running IIS5 and hosting four sites. I recently copied all the files that contain info for my sites and 3/4 of the way through this NT froze...did a memory dump...and then restarted. Now the sites keep stopping even though they appear to be playing.

When I stop and restart them it takes 3-5 tries and I get an error mesage that this command is not supported. If I close up the console and then re-open it, stop the site, and then start it again, it starts to work with no problems for about 1/2 a day (Forgot to mention this is a corporate site supported by myself only). I am at an ends to what I have done to cause this to happen - as previously I had a long up time (about 4 months) Thanks for any suggestions.
First, start by doing a full checkdisk on your computer. Execute this command for each local drive, and reboot the computer:

chkdsk C: /f /r

Your problem may be caused by corrupted files, which chkdsk will identify and possibly fix. If this doesn't fix your problems, try re-installing the latest service pack and all relevant hot fixes. That'll fix the problem if it's caused by corrupted files, but it won't fix a corrupted metabase (the registry-like database that IIS uses for configuration information). If the metabase is corrupted, you could un-install IIS, remove the metabase, re-install IIS, and reconfigure the content for all of your sites. However, this is a lot of trouble. If you're going through that much trouble, you're probably better off simply re-installing the operating system from scratch.

I wish I had a quick-fix answer to give you, but there isn't one. This type of problem isn't uncommon, and often the best solution is a re-install.

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