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Why do only some users show up in my Quota Entry list and their Amounts Used differ?

I have approximately 500 users on my system. For some reason, when I go into the Quota Entries for the D: drive only 296 users show up and their "Amount Used" is a different amount then what they actually have. My question is: Why do only some users show up in my Quota Entry list and why are there "Amounts Used" different from what they actually have? What steps would I take to correct this problem? Thanks.
Sounds like it might be an issue with file ownership. Windows 2000 quotas are based on the owner of the file, and file ownership is altered whenever a file is moved. While a user who is not the file owner can safely move files to another location, those files should not be copied, otherwise that user will become the new owner of the files. Administrators particularly need to watch out for this little gotcha, since they can easily become the new owner of a file if, for example, they were to restore the file from a backup tape to a location other than the original directory.

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