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Why do users have two passwords?

We have recently updated to Win2k Domain, and now we have one Win2k DC server with AD and three NT BDCs. The new domain is working correctly except user logon service. A user can have two passwords, one for Win9x client and another for Win2k pro client. Moreover, the domain often loses the user account under the Win2k pro client. If we add this computer to the Win2k domain again, the problem will disappear. What can I do then? I really need your help.
This doesn't sound like the BDCs and the Windows 2000 AD controllers are communicating. Check that the PDC role is assigned to your Win2k DC and that the PDC role is correctly represented in your WINS and DNS. The PDC role appears like


in DNS. WINS should have the NetBIOS version of the domain name pointing to the Win2K DC. Check for errors on the Win2k machine's event logs. Then, run Server Manager on a NT 4.0 BDC and synchronize the BDC with the PDC. Check for errors on the BDC and Win2k machine to make sure this worked correctly.

The Win2kK had to have been an upgrade. Start by looking at the Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) for the machine. If this does not match the domain name you gave the Active Directory, then you are going to have all sorts of problems like this. Right click My Computer and click properties. Then click on the Network Identification tab (this is all on the DC by the way). The domain name and the FQDN for the machine should be the same. If they are not, you can expect all sorts of communciation issues from the BDC.

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