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Why does ASP code fly on NT but crawl on Win2k?

I had the same problem addressed in a previous Ask the Expert question about ASP Web sites with Access working on NT but not Win2k and solved it by moving the database to another folder (funny, but it worked). After solving that problem, my ASP code started working incredibly slowly (it used to perform great when it was on NT). How can I make it perform well on Win2k as it used to on NT? Thanks and regards.
There are a few possible solutions:

  • Upgrade whatever drivers you use to connect to the database.
  • Optimize the indices and buffering on the Access database. It's possible that it's a coincidence that it's slower on Win2k, and that your Access database is slower because the data has changed or grown. There's no point-and-click way to do this -- you just need database developer experience and understanding of how your application accesses data.<
  • Upgrade to a better database, such as SQL Server or MySQL.
  • Dig Deeper on Windows client management

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