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Why does defrag keep stopping on Windows 98?

I am working with Windows 98. I have tried several times to run defrag and it will run to 10%, 71% or 68% and then stop and say the drive contents have changed before starting all over again and running through the defrag up to where it stopped before. I finally got the machine to run scan disk and it stopped 2 times before it completed and said there weren't any errors. I have turned off my Norton and my screen saver and there isn't anything else running that I know of. Can you help?
It's hard for me to guess the exact issue you have with your defragger. Here are some hints you may find useful:

  • Do you have enough free space left? In particular, do you have enough continous free space? See the cluster view for details. Are the blocks scattered around or neatly arranged?

  • Are applications running while you defrag? Maybe they lock files accessed by the defragger. Make sure you close all your applications before running the defragger.

  • Run scandisk to check your file system's integrity just to be sure this isn't an issue.

    If these hints are not successful, please get back to me!

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