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Why does my PC power down if I leave it for too long?

I recently built a new system and installed Win2K. This is my first experience Win2K. One of the problems I'm having is with the Hibernation feature. If I leave the PC too long, it powers down. When I come back and move the mouse it reboots rather than waking up. I disabled the Power management in the BIOS but this didn't help. Any Ideas?

It sounds like the machine has trouble when it drops into hibernation on an automated basis. If you want to just prevent the machine from hiberating entirely, you can do this by disabling Hibernation in the Power Options icon (in Control Panel). Alternatively, you can prevent the machine from dropping into hibernation by editing the Power Schemes tab (also in Power Options); just set Hibernate to "Never" there.

Also make sure your BIOS is the most recent revision; there are some BIOSes that have power-management bugs which needed to be corrected.

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