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Why does my Windows 2000 computer ask for a password when I'm trying to connect to it from a Windows

I have a mixture of Windows 98 and 2000 computers on my network. When I try to access a Windows 2000 computer from a Window 98 computer I'm asked for a password. Nothing seems to work. I've tried everything conceivable. What is the secret word?

The secret word is "Klaatu Barada Niktu," though I'm sure that's not the answer you're looking for.

First things first: Do you have basic network connectivity? Can you ping the W2000 computer from the '98 computers? If you have IIS running on the W2000 computer, can you access it via IE/Netscape? Name resolution is also a factor: Remember that W2000 wants to use DNS, whereas '95/'98/NT4.0 rely primarily on NetBIOS name resolution by default...so see if a WINS server or an LMHOSTS file on the '98 workstation will help.

Second things second: I know you've checked NTFS & share permissions on the W2000 resource that you're attempting to access, but check them again. To rule out permissions as the source of the problem, temporarily set all NTFS and share permissions to "Everyone--Full Control"

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