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Why does my computer keep rebooting when I'm using Win2k?

I have a dual-boot system: Win98/Win2000. Win98 is working fine. With Win2000, after booting into it, after a minute or two, my system reboots. Any idea what could be causing this? It's something that's happening just recently. I've run a virus scan on it and it comes up clean using the latest Norton dat file. Can I reinstall Win2000 on top of itself without losing my programs, settings, and info? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
The fact that this happened recently after working for a long time tends to indicate that you might have a driver problem. In order to identify what driver could be causing your problem, I need more information. What is the exact point in the boot process that it restarts? During text mode, video shiftover, service driver load, or when you log on?

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