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Why does my defragmentation stop?

I ran a computer test program called PCpitstop and it told me that my C drive is poor - apparently there is fragmentation of the files. I tried to run the defragmenting program for Windows but the process goes to one percent and stops. I am only using twenty percent of the hard drive capacity (4 Gigs out of a 19 Gig total).

I wonder what is going on? The Computer is an Emachines 800 megahertz, with 19 Gigs of memory, and 256 megs of RAM. The machine works remarkably well for a low priced computer.
The first question to clarify is: what defragger are you running? The built-in one or a third-party tool? Maybe there is a file that is locked during the defrag process? Do you have any applications running while trying to defrag?

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