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Why does the GPO sometimes delete the locally cached profile and sometimes not?

We are running Windows 2000 servers and XP workstations. When a user logs off, the GPO is set to remove the locally cached profile on the workstation. Sometimes the profile is deleted and sometimes not. What causes this bizarre behavior?
That is a little odd, but profiles are always a little strange it seems. One serious issue to check for is that the GPOs have been properly replicated to all domain controllers. If there is a replication issue, then the policy won't be the same depending on which server the client authenticates against. Check the event logs on the DCs under the File Replication Section. GPOs are stored in the SYSVOL that is replicated to the domain controllers. You can also use the REPLMON tool from the resource kit to check replication. After that checks out okay, look at the event log of a client machine. In the System Log you may see USERENV errors. Review these errors for clues on the problem. Sometimes there are timing issues and sometimes it is permission issues.

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