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Why have some of our files not replicated with the others?

We have recently set up a Windows 2000 domain with AD and replication between servers. We currently have a fairly limited amount of data on the new servers, but have noticed that while most items have replicated, odd files have not. One thought was that maybe file size was related as one "missing" file is an access database, but a larger database and larger mail (.pst) files have replicated successfully. Before moving the data from our old servers across, we would obviously like to resolve this. Any advice you can give would be greatly appreciated.
If you are using replication to move other files beyond the normal SYSVOL information. you will generally want to tune the file replication a little. File replication can be a bit temperamental when it comes to large numbers of files or large amounts of data. Cache sizes and such may need to be adjusted.

This article has some good information and references to other articles that will offer information on tuning the FRS:

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