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Why is Win2k machine showing full disk quota?

We have a Windows NT machine in which we have user folders. We got a new server -- a Windows 2000 Advanced Server -- on which we enable disk quota. However, when we copied the user folders from the NT machine to the Windows 2000 machine, we noticed that when we click on quota entries and view the users, the amount of space used is showing full 500. I am not sure if we are doing something wrong -- could you give a step-by-step process to do this, please?
Disk quotas in Windows 2000 are based on file ownership, which can change when moving folders from one server to another. Verify the owner of the newly-moved folders on the file/folder properties tab, and have the appropriate users take ownership of their files if necessary. In the meantime, MS Knowledge Base article 183322 offers a step-by-step explanation on enabling disk quotas.

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