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Why is the pagefile for crash dump failing?

I have installed a Win2000 server recently. The problem is that the system hangs suddenly, and when we reboot the system the following event is generated:

"Configuring the Page file for crash dump failed. Make sure there is a page file on the boot partition and that is large enough to contain all physical memory."

The ID is 49. I have 1GB RAM and 1024MB as Virtual Memory in active partition. The volume size of the C drive is 3.90GB. Used space is 2.70GB(including pagefile.sys). Free space is 1.20 GB. The system is RAID 5 controlled.

Is there any problem in allocating virtual memory? Please Help me.....

The system is complaining that the pagefile is not large enough to accomodate the crash settings that you have set on the machine. If the machine did not report this before, I am guessing that you may have added memory recently. Adding memory will usually result in this error as the pagefile maximum size does not automatically adjust to accomodate the increase in memory.

Check the settings for Performance and for the Startup and Recovery. These settings are both found by Right Clicking on My Computer and clicking properties. Then clicking on the Advanced Tab. Click on the Performance button. The maximum size of the Page file should be 1.1 G if you are planning on capturing full crash dumps. In addition, the pagefile must completely exist on the the C Drive - at 1.1 Gs of the pagefile must exist on the C drive. Other pagefiles can exist on other drives, but only the one of the C drive is used for crash dumps. Of course, it is very infrequent for you to actually need a full crash dump. So, you could instead click the Startup and Recovery button and where is says Write Debugging Information select the Small Memory Dump. If a crash occurs the small memory dump will usually give you a rough idea of what the problem is. In addition, the small memory dump is only 64 KB so the pagefile requirement of 1 G on the C Drive goes away. If in the future you need a kernal or full memory dump, you would need to adjust the C-Drives page file back up to 1.1 G.

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