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Why won't IP and DNS settings stick after total restore?

I have my own business and maintain and administrate many small business networks. There's one problem I have run into twice now. Twice I have done a total restore on a Windows 2000 server at two different companies using Veritas Backup Exec. One had version 8.6, and the other had 9.0. After I performed the total restore, whenever I entered the IP address information back to the NIC, it was gone when I went back to the TCP/IP properties. The settings have gone back automatically on the IP and DNS. I can do an ipconfig, and it shows the info I entered, but it will not stay in the properties. Any suggestions?
Make sure you have access to the registry entries that control IP configuration, and that they're not corrupted. Worst case scenario, you can configure them manually using the registry. Check out this description of the various registry entries for Windows 2000.

Also, make sure something like group policy isn't overwriting your change.

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