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Why won't my XP client allow any accounts to access shared folders?

I have a small Windows 2000 domain and am in the process of defining Active Directory. I have folders shared using the old fashioned Winnt Sharing, but my XP Professional client will not connect to those shares. At first it would allow administrator credentials to connect. Even though the permissions are correct, it won't allow any accounts to access these folders. What do I do? I don't believe I have made any changes yet that could have caused this.

If you are logged in on the XP workstation as Administrator, or if you have an Administrator account on the server with a blank password, you will get this problem. The best way to get around this is to define an account on the 2000 system that matches the username and password on the XP system, and isn't named "Administrator."

Also, make sure the admin password on the server is not blank.

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