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Why won't this Windows 2000 Group Policy affect a Windows XP client on the domain?

I have a Windows 2000 domain with Active Directory that is managing 50+ users, with Windows 2000 clients. I added a Windows XP client, and the Group Policy (which is defined in Active Directory) does not affect the XP client. The Win2k clients are affected. Please tell me any method to get the Group Policy to affect the XP client.
Your Windows XP clients, should, indeed be getting Group Policy. First, is the XP account in the OU to which you've linked the GPO? Next, have you tried to link a GPO to the domain and see if all clients (Windows 2000 and Windows XP) get the change? (Something as simple as the policy setting named "Remove Run off Start Menu" ought to be just fine.)

Next, are you sure the Windows XP computers are members of the domain? And, moreover, that the computer accounts are properly logged on? To verify, try using the Resource Kit utility called KERBTRAY. Kerbtray can tell you if your machine is, indeed, logged on or if it's lying to you and it really isn't. If it really is logged on, then the Kerbtray icon will turn green. If the computer isn't really logged on, then Kerbtray will show a bunch of question marks.

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