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Why would the priv IS database double in size overnight?

I have an Exchange 5.5 priv IS database that has been sitting around the 20Gb mark for about a year now. Last week, the backup software starting asking for an extra tape. After further investigation the priv IS had grown to over 45Gb! We have size limits set on all of the mailboxes and nothing looks out of the ordinary. Any ideas why it would double in size over night?
First, you might have a look at the mailbox sixes in Exchange Administrator. This is a good reality check to make sure you don't have a rogue mailbox out there with no size limits. If nothing stands out, it could be database corruption. You might take the database offline and then run database utilities on it to see if it is corrupt. Additionally, you might want to perform an offline compaction to see if that shrinks the database file for you, too.

Before I run any utility or process against my Exchange databases, I like to take a copy of them and put it somewhere safe. This way if my utility or process does something bad to the database, I have a backup copy to fall back on.

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