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Will Exchange 5.5 Server work in a Win2k forest infrastructure?

Will Exchange 5.5 Server work fine in a Windows 2000 forest infrastructure? How can I upgrade my Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000 while still keeping NT 4.0 as the OS?
Exchange 5.5 works great in a Windows 2000 environment. You can install and use Exchange 5.5 before or after your OS upgrade. In order to use Exchange 2000, you do need Active Directory, and your Exchange Servers themselves must run on Windows 2000 (preferably with SP2 installed). For more information on the requirements for Exchange 2000, visit https://products.office.com/en-US/exchange.

Dig Deeper on Legacy Exchange Server versions

FYI: All-inclusive messaging with Gordano

Talk about not playing favorites. The messaging server from U.K.-based Gordano Ltd., called GMS v.10, plays with proprietary and open source operating systems alike. Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX, it doesn't matter -- Gordano is platform independent.

Gordano director John Stanners puts forth some impressive figures when he touts his company's product: the fact that it works with any OS, that it can be set up on a Linux box in 15 minutes or less and that it can migrate a client's e-mail platform from Microsoft Exchange to the Gordano Messaging Server (GMS) in about a minute. However, does this lightweight have the functionality and support to truly be able to send Exchange reeling?

In this interview with SearchEnterpriseLinux.com, Stanners gives some background on his company, founded in January 1994 as InternetShopper; and then delves into the fact that a code rewrite in 1999 transformed the company's product into the universal recipient of enterprise messaging clients it is today.

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