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Will MIS MBA and OCP-DBA credentials get me a job?

I have done my MBA in MIS and am now pursuing OCP-DBA track. I want to know if there is any relationship between MIS and OCP-DBA and whether I would be able to find a job as a DBA after doing OCP-DBA. Am I wasting time and money? I have passed my SQL/PL paper recently.
In my experience, an MIS MBA tends to focus more on business processes and less on the operations side of information technology. Nevertheless, if you obtain the OCP-DBA credential, and can talk about some meaningful expereince with a knowledge of Oracle 8 or 8i, you should be able to land yourself a pretty good job. I do NOT think your certification will be a waste of time and money, but you could easily obtain a "sanity check" by talking to a technical recruiter, especially one who specializes in placing Oracle professionals. My guess is that your degree and certification will make an attractive combination; if it weren't for the precarious state of the economy right now, you'd have no trouble whatsoever finding a job. As it is, it may take as long as six months for you to find the right position, so please plan accordingly.

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