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Will my IIS 4.0 running on NT4 still function when I upgrade to Windows 2000?

Tony, here's a question I have not been able to find an answer on the Web. What happens to my IIS 4.0 server running Windows NT Server 4.0 when I upgrade the machine to Windows 2000? Will my IIS still function the same? I sure hope so!
It depends. There's an excellent chance that things won't work after the upgrade. If you use ASP scripting, you need to plan some time to test your code thoroughly afterwards. You'll almost certainly need to make changes. If you use NT4's user authentication (either local or domains), that may break after the upgrade.

The safe way to do the upgrade is to install Windows 2000 on a new box, copy your content over, configure IIS, test everything thoroughly, then swap the Windows 2000 system out for the NT 4 server.

If you don't have an extra box, or don?t want to spend the time configuring a new server, you'll need to do the in-place upgrade. If you do this, you're taking a big risk. Be sure to plan lots of downtime -- perhaps a whole weekend, if you have complex content. Of course, if all you have is static HTML and images, things will probably work fine after the upgrade.

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