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Will not complete all the NT4 MCSE to Win2k tests by 12/31/01

If I pursue upgrading my NT4 MCSE to Win2k, and I have not completed all the tests by 12/31/01, will all the tests I have completed still be counted toward my MCSE? In other words, can I finish my MCSE for Win 2k after the deadline if I have one or two electives to complete?
Even if you have not finished, you will not lose credit for any Windows 2000 compatible exams you have taken up to that point. The only thing that will happen is that your MCSE will lapse, and when you finally do complete the requirements for the Windows 2000 MCSE, you will be reinstated as an MCSE again. In the interim, Microsoft will report to anyone who asks that you are not an MCSE, because you will fall off their rolls of registered MCSEs. No big deal, unless you happen to be looking for a job during that interregnum.

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