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Will there be problems if we make a cluster server domain a member of another domain?

We have Compaq 8500R cluster server with Windows 2000 Advanced Server, installed with Oracle's finance database. It is configured as a member server of xyz.com (internal domain). We are administrating the cluster servers through their local administrator's login (not domain login). Now we want to change the domain of cluster servers to xyzcompany.com. Will there be any problem to the application if we change our cluster server domain to be a member of another domain?
As long as they are not domain controllers, you can change member server domain memberships easily. However, I've not worked with clustered servers and am therefore unaware if there is an issue with domain switching with clustered systems. I doubt it, but it would be a question I'd pose to the cluster technology vendor before attempting the switch. The only affect I can see for the application is access controls and users needing to obtain different authorization to access the application when it is placed in a new domain.

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