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Will this configuration work with my switch?

I have the following network configuration:

  • One server -- Windows 2000 with two NICs
  • One ISDN router -- Cisco
  • One switch
  • One patch panel
  • 24 wall data points (labeled 1/1 through to 1/24)

    I have used all ports ranging from, and including, 2-23 (leaving port 1 and 24 free on the switch). I then added a new switch to my original switch on port 24, leaving only port 1 free.

    Is it OK for me to put a new printer into the wall data point 1/1? I have heard port 1 is an uplink port. How would I know if it is?
    Check the documentation for your specific model of switch. Typically, one port on a hub or switch is designated as the uplink port, but it can be used for a regular network connection if uplink is not required. The uplink port is typically denoted on the switch itself with a special marking on the front or back, consistent with the documentation for the particular model.

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