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Will users still be able to map to Novell files/folder if we upgrade to Windows 2000 Server?

Hi. I am a new administrator for a company with about 500 users. My CTO wants Windows 2000 Server. We are running NT4 and Novell using NDS for domains to sync both systems. Will I be able to keep those folders and drives that are mapped using Novell? For example, most users have a personal folder that's mapped when they log on, and have access to other folders that are shared by department. Will this still be doable if we move to Win2k Server?
Yes, you can still map the folders. You may need to run the NWLINK protocol in addition to TCP/IP, depending on your Netware configuration. You may wish to consider using the Windows 2000 Gateway Services for Netware. This would mean that only one server would talk to Novell and the users would only have TCP/IP on the workstations.

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