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Win2k Pro PC getting randomly disconnected from server

We have a Windows 2000 Pro PC that has mapped drives to a local server. The problem is that, after about two minutes, all the mapped drives disconnect and show a red X if you view them through My Computer. We can easily re-establish the connection by viewing the contents, but this disconnection has caused numerous data corruptions. We have changed the idle time from the default from 15 minutes to the maximum, disabled the auto disconnect on the server (NT 4.0), changed the NIC in the server and PC, swapped out the switch, changed patch cables? everything we could think of. The strange thing is that it does not happen on a consistent basis. The PC can stay connected for days, and at other times be disconnected numerous times during one session. I have seen several discussion postings on Windows 2000 auto disconnect feature, but no one seems to have an answer for it. Any help would be appreciated.
The issue could be related to DHCP lease durations if you are using DHCP. If not, it is probably due to the Kerberos session ticket lifetime expiring. These values are set in the domain's GPO.

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