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Win2k Pro computers can't be found by NT4 domain

I tried the migration plan outlined in this post.

I wanted to test the recovery on the NT domain. I unplugged the Win2k DCs and plugged in the old NT PDC. When I tried to log on with a Win2k workstation, I got the message that the computer account could not be found. I was able to fix this by joining a workgroup, rebooting and then rejoining the domain. This would be a disaster if we had to visit all the computers on our network in order to revert to NT. Did I miss something?

No you didn't miss anything. The problem is that the Windows 2000 Professional workstations will recognize that they are now in an Active Directory after the first time they log on to AD. They reconfigure themselves to work better with AD. This reconfiguration includes a behind-the-scenes process that causes the machines to rejoin the domain. Thus, they have a new account on the system. The NT 4.0 BDC never gets this account information replicated to them. The NT 4.0 BDC that you took offline, of course, doesn't have it. So, if you have to revert back to NT 4.0, all Windows 2000 Professional clients and servers will need to rejoin the domain.

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