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Win2k Pro crash from hard disk removal and differing plug and play IDE chips sets

When moving a hard disk from one machine to another with Windows 2000 Professional installed the new machine crashes with the following error.


Technet articles Q271965 and Q249694 explain the reason for this (It has to do with the Plug-N-Play ID of the different chip sets.) and how to get round it. Do you know of an easier solution? Does this mean that we will not be able to use a common Ghost image for any new machines we set up?

I'm assuming that your hardware falls into the situation outlined in Q271965 where you have different IDE chipsets in the two machines. This isn't all that common, but it certainly happens.

I wish I had good news for you, but I don't. There is no silver bullet solution. However, the merged backup solution outlined in Q249694 is a little tedious for professional workstations. You might try using SYSPREP from the Windows 2000 Resource Kit. This tool strips out the SID and the hardware-specific settings from the Registry but leaves the rest of the Registry settings alone, including those belonging to applications.

When you boot the drive in the new machine, you?ll get a little mini-Setup that takes about a minute to walk through after which Setup configures Windows 2000 for the new hardware environment.

This solution won?t help if you have a crashed machine and you want to salvage the hard drive. In that instance, you?ll need to put the drive as the second IDE device in an existing Windows 2000 machine (or NT running SP4 or later if the drive is formatted NTFS) and harvest the data.

As for imaging machines, this problem doesn?t stop you from using Ghost or DriveImage or any of the other sector-based imaging tools with Windows 2000. You just need to test your image on each type of machine and build a library of images for your fleet. Lots of folks do this as they prepare for their deployments.

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